Catalan National Assembly website “dangerous” with 45 security risks


Formed in 2012, the Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea Nacional Catalana, or ANC) is a grassroots organisation promoting Catalan independence.

Boasting 80,000 members, the ANC is one of the largest pro-independence civil society organisations whose founding president, Carme Forcadell, is now the President of the Parliament of Catalonia.

However, despite a budget in excess of €5.2 million in 2015, their website has a look and feel that seems to predate their March 2012 formation. It also has no mobile-friendly alternative (have they never heard of Bootstrap?) – and any idiot with a smartphone knows how painfully frustrating it is to try to navigate a drop down menu from a mobile device.

assemblea website

The greatest concern for visitors to the ANC’s website, though, is the number of potential security risks contained within its pages. In fact, users of Norton Safe Web are blocked from accessing the site with a menacing warning that it is a “known dangerous website”.

assemblea blocked

According to Norton’s Safe Web Report, the website contains a worrying 45 computer threats, including 28 instances of viruses and 17 security risks. There is no evidence of any identity threats on the website.

The ANC’s web presence does, however, contain a number of “Fake Jquery Injections”, which are malicious scripts which can download potentially damaging elements onto visitors’ computers. The presence of this kind of threat often indicates that a website has been hacked – and is flagged by Norton as posing a serious security threat.

There are also a number of “Malicious Script Redirections”, which are just as malicious and are also scripts which can download potentially damaging content. These scripts could also be a result of a hack.

It is not clear how long the ANC’s website has been compromised. However, until the organisation’s tech gurus fix the numerous security issues, visitors without effective antivirus protection could be putting the health of their computers at risk.

Thanks for the memories, Justin

Justin Edinburgh

As birthday presents go, it was perhaps one of the most bittersweet, but when I woke up to the news this morning that Justin Endinburgh had been relieved of his duties at Gillingham, I couldn’t help but raise a smile.

When Justin was appointed Gills manager in February 2015, the style and approach he brought to the team provided entertainment and promise. Becoming one of the dominant forces at the top of the league by the end of that year gave us fans hope that we could find ourselves back in the Championship, for only the second time in our history.

Then, when I returned from Barcelona that Christmas, everything started going downhill. It’s impossible to say with certainty what triggered our collapse from top to an ultimate ninth-placed finish, but an injury to our star-player Bradley Dack, a confidence-collapsing loss at Wigan Athletic and a seeming inability for Edinburgh to change his tactics after teams had worked out how to beat us all played a part.

Nobody with a heart would act with malicious glee at somebody losing their job, but when this season started in the same way as the last had ended, it was clear Edinburgh was on borrowed time. I became a convert to the “JED out” cause in October, but was less vocal than others, believing the most important thing is always to support my team.

Edinburgh’s time was perhaps extended by virtue of our Chairman’s major heart operation, an assumption all the more feasible by the fact that today is Mr Scally’s first day back at work. He did not hold back in his assessment of our performance:

I don’t believe that the players weren’t trying, I just don’t think they felt comfortable with the way we were trying to play, or how we were trying to play. I am not sure they even understood exactly how we were supposed to be trying to play.

Yesterday, I was sat in the block next to the Directors and immediately glanced at Mr Scally at full time. I had a hunch, just by the expression on his face, that Edinburgh had managed his last game, something I mentioned on one of the Gills forums on Facebook.

Now that Edinburgh has gone, I would like to thank him for his hard work at Gillingham, and for some special memories, but hope that a new manager can turn our form around permanently and help us start pushing towards the top of the table again.

Next manager

Mr Scally has said that he started working on the new management team last night, and does not want to have a drawn-out interview process (like the five weeks it took to appoint Edinburgh). With no game this weekend, he has some time to find the right man before the next match at Oldham.

The Sky Bet odds on the next manager, as at 12:30 today, are:

Ady Pennock 1/3
Dennis Wise 10/1
Kenny Jackett 10/1
Nigel Adkins 11/1
Steven Pressley 12/1
Steve Cotterill 12/1

#CC16: 2 Days to Christmas


Throughout this Countdown to Christmas, I have tried to entertain and inform, with a variety of videos to suit different tastes and styles.

Today, though, I hope you will permit me a little self-indulgence as I prepare to see my fiancée again for the first time since 18 October.

Regular readers or followers of my Twitter feed will know (or at least got the hint) that the past twelve months have been shit (sorry, but there’s no other way of putting it), and I have spent the grand total of 64 days out the the 370 days since I moved back to the UK (or 17% of that time) with my bride-to-be – many of which were not “full” days due to one or both of us travelling the 870 miles (1,400km) that presently separates us.

So today’s Countdown to Christmas is another Catalan entry but, rather than focusing on Catalan culture, is a more romantic affair. The lyrics roughly translate* as follows:

Now that the night has become longer
Now that the leaves dance in the corner
Now that the streets are partying
Today the cold brings back many memories

Now that the words abound
Now that the wind blows so strong
Today I do not need to see you, or even speak
For knowing that you are by my side

It’s Christmas in my heart
When you smile happy to see me
When the night becomes colder
When you embrace my body

And the colourful lights
Light me up night and day
You light them with your smile
When you talk to me from the heart

It’s the void that is left when you get up
It’s the void that is made at home when no one is there
All we are left with are small details
Like leaving a long hair on a jumper

You said that you would never return
The pacient time has gone past
Who could have said that today you’d be waiting
That we would have found ourselves together by your side

It’s Christmas in your heart
When I smile happy to see you
When the night becomes cleaner
When I embrace your body

And the colourful lights
Light me up night and day
They light up your smile
When I talk to you from the heart

* Roughly translated by me, so apologies for any errors!